This blog’s mission is to highlight interesting people who do interesting things, publicize humanitarian efforts, and help spread messages from others that help make the world better place.

If something is interesting, it’s worth a 10-page paper!

Hello! My name is Eric, and I started this blog as a publication project to study business. I needed something that was simple to conceptualize and something that could grow over the years as I learn more about business. I chose a publication project because I have experience in publishing. I’m currently in an MBA program and am learning about business, and wanted to pick a genre that I was familiar with. This blog is not an assignment, but I wanted something that I could use for hands-on practice.

What We Write About

This blog will feature articles and stories about interesting people and interesting things that I discover as I navigate my way through being human. The possibilities include:

  • Articles about interesting people
  • Interviews about interesting people
  • Reviews and editorials about interesting work people have done
  • Articles and editorials about interesting events
  • Other interesting things as discovered

The key words here are “interesting” and “people”. Interesting is obviously subjective, but generally, I will consider something interesting if it is unique, humanitarian, creative, intelligent, and/or scholarly in nature. The more of these things all at once, the better.

For now, there is no set publication schedule, though I know that one will be needed soon if this blog can achieve long-term growth.

Right now, this blog is just a team of one. I can’t wait to see what happens as this project gets further along. I’ll see you all soon, hopefully with some form of interesting post about someone who is doing something interesting.

I’m currently on the lookout for interesting people doing interesting things that they are passionate about.

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